We Have a Winner!

We have a winner of the Kodak Zi8 HD Video Camera! The winner submitted the idea: Brand Modules. We don’t yet have their permission to announce who it was, but stay tuned!

We liked so many of your names from the submission pool, but unfortunately we couldn’t agree on any one name for the OFFICIAL name of our business. None of the submissions screamed to the both of us, “Hey that’s perfect!” We are, of course, still awarding the Kodak camera to our favorite, if-we-were-made-to-choose-submission of Brand Modules. So while we’re presenting this prize to our favorite name in the pool, we’d like to introduce ourselves. You can call us Fresh Squeezed Creative! That’s a Kim and Chris original idea.

We truly wanted to thank each and every one of you for participating in the contest and helping spur some awesome creativity. We’d like to ask that you stay tuned to the website. We’re going to be opening the site up soon to other people and businesses to do things similar to what we just did. They can have contests for you to help them name things. And you get a nifty little prize for participation. Very cool!

As an additional thanks, we wanted to extend to you a coupon code that’s good for 20%-off any of our services HUNOB20. It will expire in our system on October 1, 2010. You’re welcome to share this code with anyone you like. There are no limits on who can use it or how often it can be used. Know someone that needs a logo, business cards, a website, a flyer or anything else done? Send them to us and give them that code!

Last-Minute Creativity

As we near the close of this giveaway and contest, we thought we’d toss out a few last-minute pointers for those of you that may want to eek out any last-minute creativity.

  • We’re just two people, a small company.
  • We’re agile and well versed in what we do.
  • We’ll probably focus on more small businesses, but we won’t turn away from the corporate gigs.
  • Think of the small business focus, perhaps local, but with a global view.
  • Other good buzz words: promote, amplify, inspired, personality, transform.

So take it and run. Blast us with your ideas and the winning submission will get that free Kodak Zi8 HD Video Camera.

Our Contest – What We Like So Far

We’ve been pretty astounded by the number of submissions we’ve had. You all are really quite creative. With the deadline approaching, we’d like to offer you some little hints as to what’s appealed to us so far.

Some of the words that we’ve liked in business names you’ve already submitted: ground, solutions, creative and brand.

You may want to try variations of these words. A great way to get new ideas is to use these words that we like and run them through a Thesaurus.

We’re also planning on focusing on more global sections of our services. Elements such as website development and marketing with a social media focus, identity design and public relations.

Win a Kodak zi8 HD Video Camera!

We are two entrepreneurs, Kim Fenolio and Chris Vandeventer, who want to give you a Kodak zi8 HD video camera, free! There are two things that need to happen for you to get it. 1) Submit an idea for the name of their new business. 2) We will have to choose your idea/submission as our official business name. As an added bonus, we’re including with the camera a 1GB SD memory card, again free. Learn more about your prize here.

That’s simple enough, isn’t it?

Originally we liked the idea of “Ground Up Marketing” or “Ground Up Media” since we do a little bit of everything, from the ground-up. Basically, we’ll get you started if you have nothing or simply put on the finishing touches. The problem here is that those names are both taken, as are the URLs. So together, we turn to you. The list of what we’re able to do is huge, so you can either check it out here on our site or download it as a PDF list.

Deadline for Submissions is:  March 19, 2010Winner Announced: March 22, 2010

Where to Submit Your Ideas

  1. With an @ message on Twitter.
  2. A wall post on the Facebook fan page.
  3. Send an email.
  4. Comment on this post and be sure to leave your email address or phone number.
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